VR and Homeschooling: where to start?

7 key steps to simply test Virtual Reality (VR) with your homeschooler.

One of the great fears we face is that despite our efforts, we will discover that we have wasted our homeschooler’s education. Test virtual reality and make an informed opinion about the use of VR for education by yourself.

You have probably heard of Virtual reality once, you may have bought an Oculus Quest 2 last Christmas, you have noticed your kid loves VR…

Where to Start?

We have found that parents who practice homeschooling are often very interested in integrating the use of new technologies into their practice. However,  they do not use virtual reality (VR), for several reasons:

VR and Homeschooling where to start?

You don't know you could used VR for educational purposes

You don’t know you could used VR for educational purposes, yout thought it would be only a nice tech to play. 

You are really intimidated by Virtual reality

You consider you are not very good with computers and it could be even worst with VR. It would be too complicated and too long to set up properly.

You've tried VR, It didn't work as expected

You probably tried a cardboard with your mobile phone in it, you’ve checked different VR app, there are nice 360 videos but honestly, It didn’t work as expected..


imagine  you have unlimited possibilities  to explain a concept to your homeschooler, imagine you could travel  everywhere in the world, bring anything to your homeschooler, imagine you could travel time  and explore the body, imagine your homeschooler could have the perfect personalised education you could never have. 

Make your own opinion

By taking this course, you could test VR and make your own opinion about VR for homeschooling. You could tell other parents why...

A personalized VR class

Imagine you could design a personalized VR class for the exact need of your homeschooler...

Awake engagement

Imagine the joy of learning in the heart of your child, the same engagement observed when they are playing video games...

A special relationship

Imagine you are able to handle VR, not only to see your child playing alone but to share a moment of fun together...

About the course:

VR and Homeschooling Where to start

What is the aim of this course?

We are determined to make parents who are curious about technology, love virtual reality.The best way to do this is to ease virtual reality, to make it easy to test or try in good conditions and allowing you to make an informed opinion about VR by yourself.. 

We have designed this online course to address all the biggest obstacles to test virtual reality with your homeschoolers. You will follow 7 key steps to simply test virtual reality.

VR and Homeschooling Where to start?

What will you learn in this course?

What are the topics covered?


VR headsets can have different features, different prices, different weight, different quality or even different purpose. Therefore, their uses for your children's education will be different.

VR app installation

the protocol to install a VR application can be very different. We summarised the different situations you may encounter and the main steps to follow.

Pedagogy in VR

There are different types of VR experiences -whether the use of VR can encourage students to improve their analytical skills, strengthen the students’ ability to work in a team...

Safe VR at home

Seated and standing VR experiences are possible, however, it is very easy to get hurt in reality if you don't take the time to arrange the space properly.

What mum and dads said about this VR course

VR and Homeschooling Where to start?

I liked the idea of testing VR to make my opinion, I really had good fun with my son. This course is easy and I am not a  geek at all. 

Mike T.

I’ve been helped immensely just by reading the first chapter. At first, I thought I will give it a try but now I actually like to build course in VR for my kids.

Martha H.

VR and Homeschooling Where to start? a face of the person who did the course

VR and Homeschooling Where to start

Only $79

Don’t take my word for it. Read the first few pages and see if it fulfills your expectations.