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  •  a description of the augmented reality application
  • our analysis about the use of this AR application in education
  • the subjects in which this AR app could be used
  • the age recommandation
  • the language
  • the compatible devices
  • the duration of the experiences
  • the multiplayer options
  • the price of the application
  • the links to download
Kiya Kebaili

Arloopa AR

Arloopa is great AR mobile app to visualize tons of items in 3D in augmented reality, in your classroom or living room

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Mirage Maker
Kiya Kebaili

Mirage Make : transform your documents

The Mirage Make augmented reality application allows, in addition to animated augmented QR Codes, functions such as the virtual reality museum, reading assistance, independent dictation and others just as fabulous.

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