Case Studies

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VR and AR Case Studies

XR pedagogy refers to the use of virtual, augmented, and mixed reality technologies in education and training. Case studies of XR pedagogy involve examining how these technologies have been successfully implemented in educational settings to support learning and instruction.

Examples of Case Studies

In each of these examples, the use of XR technologies has the potential to enhance the learning experience and support the acquisition of new skills and knowledge in a more engaging and interactive way.

VR Application Design

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Using VR simulations to train High School Students to Earthquake

VR simulations can create immersive experiences allowing students to feel present in a simulated earthquake scenario. This VR experience can help students better understand what to expect during an earthquake and how to respond appropriately. We developed a virtual reality application with three immersive situations for earthquake preparedness: at home, in class, and at the beach.

Training for the use of VR

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Train High School Teachers to use VR in class

XR PEDAGOGY trained about 15 french teachers to design engaging and interactive learning experiences using virtual reality.  The teachers learned to use Virtual Reality headsets in class an. They also discovered the potential of Virtual reality to facilitate more personalized and flexible learning approaches.

Metaverse Hackathon

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A Hackathon to Develop a Metaverse to learn Mathematics!

During a field trip abroad, French and Italian students participated to a Mataverse Hackathon. In the metaverse hackathon, 40 students worked in teams of 5 to come up with Mathematics problems that could potentially be integrated into the metaverse. They spent a one day working on building prototypes of virtual environments.