What is XR?

XR : Extended Reality

XR definition

XR: Definition


XR, means “Extended reality”,  is a term referring to all the technologies combining real and virtual environments and human-machine interactions generated by computer technology.

XR includes the entire spectrum from “full real” to “full virtual” in the concept of the reality-virtuality continuum. (see below).

XR enables user experiences that combine virtual content and the reality of users.

XR Extended Reality (XR) is an all-encompassing term that includes Augmented Reality (AR), Mixed Reality (MR), and Virtual Reality (VR).

The combination of real and virtual contents to teach

Teaching with XR


XR tools not only keep the learner interested, but also keep the learner going over time. So it’s not just about making you want to learn: it’s about making you want to continue learning.
XR could offer a higher level of realism, a flexibility in the possible visualization of a concept and even a total immersion, compared to classroom instructions and online teaching materials. Where in class it is not always possible to deal with special cases, the Xr can help.


Immersive technologies for parents of homeschoolers offer the possibility to personalize learning, and provide a convenient way for children to explore and learn more about a subject.

XR is a media of exploration which is favorable to the respect of the children rhythm of learning. XR technologies is also perfect to  nurture particular needs of education for a personalized learning experience.


XR will probably invade our daily lives soon, rather than being surprised by this technology, it may be interesting to learn about its strengths and weaknesses.

Immersive technologies are getting more and more  affordable promoting learning by doing. These tools require parental guidance but they are of great support, especially for children who need special attention to learn. XR can improve your children’s motivation,  feed their curiosity with interactive contents, offer them another way to understand a concept. 

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