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Ashley Pereira

Ashley Pereira

MS Ed., Owner of Career In STEM®

Ashley Pereira is a former middle and high school science teacher and now serves as Chief Curriculum Developer at Career In STEM, and adjunct Professor of Science Education.
For the past 12 years Ashley Pereira has partnered with leading companies and educational institutions to reconceptualize STEM education and define new normals using immersive technologies.

Sara Muršić

PhD Education

Sara Muršić is a curious and creative PhD student passionate about Augmented Reality (AR) and Learning Experience Design (LXD) for inclusive education environments.


Francois Hardy

Assistant Professor in History

François Hardy is an Assistant Professor in History at the “Haute École Charlemagne” in Belgium.

François Hardy is at the origin of the Artemis project, a digital ecosystem targeting History teaching. Artemis addresses first-level secondary school students and was created as part of the “Digital School 2017” call for projects. The goal is to improve the mastery of knowledge and know-how in the History discipline through the use of relevant digital tools.


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