Virtual Reality

How to use VR for education?

virtual reality

What is virtual reality?

Virtual reality (VR) allows students to immerse in a computer-generated environment. Students will have a sense of presense in the virtual environment, the “feeling of beeing there”. Immersion is possible in environments that reflect the real-world activities but also in imaginary environments.

In pedagogy, the big advantage of Virtual reality is the engagement of students and the implication of their body in the learning process. 

 Virtual reality is promising for enhancing  relevant learning experiences and social interactions. Virtual Reality allows parents, teachers and everyone who is interacting with kids to offer unique experiences that can benefit assessments and learning in both developing children and children with disabilities.


Virtual reality: the equipment

If you wish to use virtual reality, you will need a head mounted device and depending what you wish to do, you will also need a powerfull computer.

There are different head mounted devices for virtual reality today that could be use for educational purpose. 


mobile-based VR headset

This headset allows you to use just a smartphone to experiment virtual reality. The smartphone is generally installed inside this HMD and It's generally a cardboard (a cardboard headset)

stand alone HMD - oculus quest

Stand-alone VR Headset

Your students will only need to put this headset on their heads to experience virtual reality. This device is called "stand-alone" because no additional devices is required to experiment Virtual reality.

Computer based HMD

PC-based VR headset

This headset must be connected to a powerful personal computer (pc) to function properly. headphones and computer are connected by a cable.

Game console based VR headset

Game consoles based, VR headset

These headsets are made for a gaming experience and are therefore connected to a game console. For the moment, these headset are not recommended for educational use.

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