Augmented Reality : AR

How to use AR in education?

What is augmented reality ?

AR combines three-dimensional (3D) computer-generated objects and text superimposed on real-life images and videos, all in real time. RA complements the reality rather than replacing it completely. The AR allows children to manipulate virtual objects with hands, and these objects are added to the real environment. AR pedagogy has multiple applications because it allows to add visual and interactive information to an initial content. To be able to experience AR, the device used must have a screen to display the combinaison of virtual and real and a camera to capt the real.

The potential of augmented reality

Augmented reality offers a new learning perspective by allowing learners to visualize complex spatial relationships and abstract concepts (Lin, Chen, & Chang, 2015; Phon, Ali, & Halim, 2015).

Using a simple mobile device (smartphone or tablet), augmented reality allows visualization of geometric figures in space, 3D molecular models, architectural assemblies or models of technical systems.

coloriage réalité augmentée
réalité augmentée

The real world augmented with digital information

Augmented reality can be described as the experience of the real world with an overlay of computer-generated digital information. With augmented reality, you will use a cell phone or tablet, scan your environment
and you will be able to visualize elements of the reality you scan, enriched with digital content.

One of the most well-known use of AR at the moment is in social networks and filters. Young people add something fun to superimpose elements on faces or to modify their faces. The computer recognizes the faces and, say for example, puts a hat on top.

Augmented reality can superimpose text, images, real videos, three-dimensional objects (3D), to the environment, all in real time.

AR complements reality rather than completely replacing it. It allows children to manipulate virtual objects through equipment, and these objects are added to the real environment. 

Reality is usually augmented through a device that can be a simple cell phone but there are also dedicated augmented reality glasses or headsets like Microsoft’s Hololens that allow for more advanced interactions. 

AUgmented Reality Applications