Airlink by Oculus: connected by wifi to your PC

Oculus introduces AIRLINK which allows you to connect the Quest 2 to your PC via wifi. Enjoy Rift, Steam VR, Viveport or Epic games wirelessly!

Oculus Airlink: Wireless for the Quest

Oculus introduces the Oculus AirLink feature in their recent update for the Quest 2 (update 28), This cool feature allows you to connect your Quest 2 to a PC without wire.

Before this Air Link feature, you had to either connect your Quest with a USB cable (and you had to be careful not to get your wires tangled ^^) or buy the Virtual Desktop application and complete some technical steps (enable developer option, install SideQuest, enable virtual desktop wireless functionality).

For the moment, the feature is offered for free by Oculus and there is almost nothing to do to take advantage of it, except update your headset and the Oculus application on your computer.

With a good powefull PC, Air Link feature allows you to play VR games or experiences from the Oculus Rift, Steam VR, Viveport and Epic Games Store, in your headset, wirelessly.

This solution is for the moment available only for the Quest 2, let’s hope Facebook will also allow the Quest 1owners to have access to it. Otherwise alternatives are still possible…

For teaching


+ Access the catalog of virtual reality experiences on a wireless PC

+ No need to buy a third-party application


– It’s in beta version, so you have to activate it to use it

– A streaming setting may be necessary depending on the power of your PC and your Wifi network.