Arloopa AR

A multifunction application for augmented reality

ARLOOPA is a great app that will let you visualize tons of 3D items or 360 augmented reality environments in your classroom or living room.
ARLOOPA offers several modes with or without markers or even geo-referenced which allows you to share your experiences locally. Test there, it is really worth the detour!

AR scanners can increase the content of printed markers. 3D models from the gallery can be placed anywhere. You can simply scan any surface and place a 3D object on it. Geolocation-based markers can only be explored in places where they are within a radius of 50m. You can find nearby markers in the Map section of the app.

ARLOOPA Features

English, French, Mathematical, Chemical Physics, Natural Sciences, IT & Technology, History and geography, Musical and Artistic Education
8-10 years, 11-12 years, 13-15 years, 16-18 years, Adult
French, English, Other
Android smartphone / tablet, Apple smartphone / tablet
No time limit

For teaching


+ The different possibilities offered by the application

+ There are many 3D objects in the object library

+ It is possible to take photographs, videos or GIFs with the 3D objects.


– It’s possible to create your own markers but the design studio is still in beta version