HTC Vive Focus 3: a standalone VR headset for professionals

The HTC Vive Focus 3 is a standalone virtual reality headset that embeds a 5k definition and a 120° field of view.

Le casque HTC Vive Focus 3 est un casque de réalité virtuelle autonome qui propose de la 5k et un champ de vision de 120°

A stand-alone headset for professionals

The HTC Vive Focus 3 is a standalone virtual reality headset that requires no computer or other hardware to work. 

The Vive Focus 3 has a definition and a field of view identical to the Vive Pro 2, a 5k definition (4896 x 2448 cumulative pixels) and a field of view of 120 ° for a refresh rate of 90 Hz. 

Compared to the Quest 2, the HTC Vive Focus 3 goes much further in terms of image quality and immersion and promises an impressive gain in sharpness.

However, the Vive Focus 3 is not intended for the same market. Instead, HTC is targeting professionals with this headset by offering them a full suite of Vive Business services and software solutions, which make it easier to deploy the headset as a training and remote collaborative work tool.

On the design side, unlike the Vive Pro 2, the Vive Focus 3 has been given a new facelift. Designed for intensive commercial use, it features a very robust aluminum chassis, removable batteries and interchangeable magnetic face foams.

And thanks to the use of magnesium alloy instead of plastic, this headset is 20% lighter than the previous model.

For now, only a cable also allows you to connect this headset to a PC to enjoy vivePort or SteamVR applications. HTC has announced that wireless connectivity will be possible soon.

The Vive Focus 3 will be available from June 24 at a price of 1180 euros.

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HTC Vive Focus 3 for education


+ A stand-alone headset with impressive image quality

+ Active cooling system for heat dissipation

+ A more natural field of vision of 120°.

+ Interchangeable batteries and foam


– There is no consumer version for this headset

– The store is limited to professional applications

– The 90Hz refresh rate limits the fluidity of the images.