RecyclageVR: have fun recycling in virtual reality

♻️ RecyclageVR ♻️ helps raise awareness about recycling in VR. The garbage appears everywhere around the player, who must sort waste fast without mistakes.

♻️RecyclingVR♻️: sort as much waste as possible, as fast as possible

RecyclageVR helps raise awareness about recycling and ecology. It allows students to learn waste sorting accompanied by an animator. ♻️ Everything in this VR application is configurable by the eco-animators: the environment, the garbage cans, the waste, and the instructions!

The garbage appears everywhere around the player. The goal is to sort as much waste as possible, within a given time and without mistakes which allows for accumulating even more points. A timer is on the player’s hand to intensify gamification, indicating the remaining time. A level system is also implemented.

♻️RecyclingVR♻️: have fun by sorting waste

In order to master the gestures, RecyclageVR is divided into three phases:

  • Tutorial phase: this phase will allow students to discover virtual reality, the environment, the garbage cans as well as the gesture to catch and throw away their waste. This will allow them to gently enter the next phase.


  • Game phase: the waste arrives progressively in front of and around the player. The objective is to sort out as much waste as possible, within the time limit and without mistakes. A stopwatch is placed on the player’s hand indicating the time remaining.


  • Correction phase: after three mistakes or the end of the game time, comes the correction phase. This phase allows the player to correct his mistakes. For this, as in the tutorial phase, there are arrows indicating in which garbage can the waste should go.

RecyclageVR Features

13-15 years, 16-18 years, Adult
French, English
Oculus Go, Oculus Quest, STEAM VR compatible headset, HTC compatible headset, PCVR

For teaching

👍 RecyclageVR: Pros

+ Large variety of waste, more than 300 classic, sharp, prickly, bulky, dirty, and many others!

+ A tool developed in addition to the application (Outilitri) allows access to additional parameters.

+ Possibility to know the statistics of the players’ games.

+ The application is inclusive.

+ Low learning curve.

+ Designed for the well-being of people who are sensitive to seasickness.

+ No personal data.

+ Possibility to get a personalized 3D environment.

+ A mobile application also accompanies RecyclageVR to manage the games in real time.

👎 RecyclageVR: Cons

– Currently, RecyclingVR is a single-player game

– Not accessible for children under 13 years old.

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