WWF Free Rivers: Explore rivers

WWF Free rivers is an augmented reality application that explains how the water cycle works and the ecological risks associated with the construction of a hydraulic dam.
This fun application allows children to think about alternatives and offers resources on the theme.

WWF Free Rivers puts an entire landscape in your hands. Through this immersive augmented reality experience, you will discover a river that flows through people’s lives and wildlife, the way their homes depend on it. Build a dam on the river to see what happens, then try out different options for sustainability that keeps the river healthy and flowing. Learn more about the stories of the people and animals along the way!

As a bonus, you can even go kayaking 😉

WWF Free Rivers Features

Natural Sciences
8-10 years, 11-12 years, 13-15 years, 16-18 years, Adult, All ages
French, English
Android smartphone / tablet, Apple smartphone / tablet

Google Play Store

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For teaching


+ The animations are accompanied by explanations

+ It is possible to see animals and inhabitants in 3D


– Prefer a tablet for better visibility