With XR PEDAGOGY and thanks to VR and AR

Students's engagement is about to change

Engagement is one of the hardest problems that many teachers and parents encounter when teaching. Students have deferent needs: some children are at high potential, others may have dyslexia processing disorder.

Even if you put a lot of energy to address them all and design very interactive courses,  students are just not motivated.  Do they still want to learn what I love to teach them or do they prefer watch Youtube videos?

Isn’t it becoming very hard or even impossible to animate a course catching 100% of its pupils’ attention?

Let's use immersive technologies to boost student's engagement!

Extended reality known as « XR », refers to technologies combining virtual contents and the users’s reality.  

XR  includes:

There are more and more applications for XR experiences in education and we may wonder:

  • How does XR impact students’s engagement?
  • How does it change the way of teaching? 
  • What are the risks at what age?
  • How XR will transform education? 

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Let's build together immersive experiences for education:

Solve real education problems with XR PEDAGOGY

What can we do for you?

We developed tutorials, courses, tools and recommendations to ensure Augmented reality and virtual reality are used safely to empower your student’s engagement.

We aim to design program with a teacher’s classroom in mind.  We also guide parents of homeschoolers in the use of XR.

Extended reality (XR) technologies should be the tool of teachers and not the problem.

Our aim is to design a new pedagogy and solve real teaching problem helping teachers, homeschoolers, parents use XR technologies

VR & AR ressources

Here, we keep all the free virtual reality and augmented reality ressources for education, we can find for you.

VR & AR course DESIGN

Here we co-design courses with you, by bringing you our expertise in XR technologies.

Training for XR Pedagogy

Here we offer online course for free to learn how to use VR and AR in education.

Teachers and parents quotes:

Together, let's positively transform education

Géraldine Perriguey

Géraldine Perriguey

CEO Co-founder Psychoeducator

Pierre Perriguey Co fondateur XR Pedagogy

Pierre Perriguey

CTO Co-Founder Tech Lead

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