Free AR VR ressources

Photo du Merge Cube en AR

The list of VR&AR ressources for education:

AR & VR ressources four your courses

Here, we list all the virtual reality and augmented reality ressources for education.

We take the time to test VR & AR applications and provides the necessary links for you to install the application.

We write on the necessary equipment needed for VR.

We update very often with more and more ressources we can find for you. 

The Kremer Collection VR Museum

Visit of the Kremer Collection VR Museum

The Kremer collection consists of 70 works by Dutch Masters, acquired by George and Ilone Kremer since 1996 including masterpieces by Rembrandt. The Kremer Collection VR Museum is a virtual reality experience that allows you to view the collection’s magnificent works with your VR headset

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Engage VR

What is EngageVR?

ENGAGE VR is an education and training platform in virtual reality. It allows educators to organise courses and events with students from all over the world.

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versaillesvr: the palace is yours

VersaillesVR | the Palace is yours

“VersaillesVR | the Palace is yours” is a fabulous application especially if you want to use it for history classes. You will visit the Palace of Versailles like never before, with virtual reality. With this application, you will be able to explore the emblematic rooms of the Palace when you want, without being disturbed by other visitors. You will discover rooms normally closed to the public and learn more about the objects, the art present and everything you are curious about in the castle. You can change the light and play a bit with the atmosphere !
Put on your headset and discover a high place of French culture🇫🇷!

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Gravity Sketch

Gravity Sketch: a design platform in VR

Gravity Sketch is a design platform in VR, to create, collaborate and review in 3D. It’s also a very good tool to use in class for 3D technical drawing…you may have to practice a little bit to make beautiful car design but oh well… Thanks a lot @gravitysketch, the platform is entirely free since January 25, 2021.

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Victory XR

What is Victory XR?

Victory XR takes advantage of the Engage platform to provide classrooms, 3D VR objects, professional development, and a collaborative platform where student can learn together in the virtual environment.

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Mozilla Hubs

What is hubs by Mozilla?

Hubs is a virtual collaboration platform that runs in your browser or in your VR headset. With Hubs you can create your own 3D spaces with a single click and invite others to join you using a URL.It’s a great way to bring students together in a shared virtual space.

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