Gravity Sketch: a design platform in VR

What is Gravity Sketch?

Gravity Sketch is a virtual reality design platform for teams who want to create, collaborate and review in 3D. We believe it is one of the platforms that will be used in the future, by your children at work! 

Enhance collaboration between students and institutions, by enabling them to communicate, co-create and review in the same space from remote locations.

Gravity Sketch is a good VR application to encourage innovation and give students the edge in  the job market by introducing them to a VR design software.

Gravity Sketch Features

STEM, IT & Technology, Musical and Artistic Education
13-15 years, 16-18 years, Adult
Oculus Quest, Oculus Rift, STEAM VR compatible headset
Not applicable
Free, See their website

For teaching


+ Thanks a lot @gravitysketch, the platform is entirely free since January 25, 2021.

+ Easily import/ export various files

  • Import images, video, and 3D files(.jpg, .png, .mp4, .obj)
  • Export snapshots and 3D files (.png, .obj, .iges, .fbx)
  • Import/Export .OBJ

+ Good for rough sketch thanks to ink and brush. Modeling also possible thanks to SubD

+ Many tutorials available on youtube


– Learning curve: you may have to practice a little bit to make beautiful car design but oh well… It will b easier for someone with a background of using blender and fusion.