Nature Treks VR: create and shape a virtual world to relax

Nature Treks VR allow to create and shape a virtual world by growing trees🌲✨, spreading flowers 🌺 or even changing the weather 🌧️ and time of day 🌙 ☀️

The Virtual Nature Trecks

Nature Treck VR is a fascinating relaxation application for only $9,99. Immerse your students into a virtual reality world of peace, calm and relaxation. The player can choose among different virtual environments like the meadow, the tropical island, the space, or the underwater etc.  Each environment seems to have been carefully crafted to influence specific emotional states. Moreover, Nature Treks VR is alive with animals🐇, birds 🐦 and other life.🦋✨🦋.  Theses elements within the environments react procedurally to the audio, combining, to create a powerful, emotional effect. 

Shape your Virtual Reality Nature Trecks

In the application Nature Trecks VR you can create and shape your own world. The player can use the ‘creator orbs’ to customized the virtual world. For instance, it’s possible to grow trees, spread flowers and even control the weather and time of day 🌙 ☀️  Orbes are controlled using the HTC Vive motion controllers or the Oculus touch. The application is a single player version for now. However, a multiplayer version, Nature Trecks Together, should be released soon and the player will be able to select either single or multiplayer mode to join up to 16 users.

Nature Treks VR Features

Musical and Artistic Education
11-12 years, 13-15 years, 16-18 years
Oculus Quest, Oculus Rift, HTC compatible headset, Windows Mixed Reality compatible headset, Vive Focus Plus
Not applicable
Between $ 5 and $ 15

For teaching

👍 Nature Treks VR: Pros

+ over 60 different animals including Elephants, Deer, Whales, Dolphins, Butterflies, Rabbits, Fish, Foxes, Birds, Bears and many more…

+ play without music to experience the soothing sounds of nature all around you.

+ Explore with a range of locomotion options including blink teleport, free movement, snap rotation and arm-swinger.

+ If you’re a full time NHS emploee, you might be entitled to a free license copy for one year.

👎 Nature Treks VR: Cons

– Nature Trecks VR is only for single player (for the moment)

– The space is perhaps not the best virtual environment of Nature Trecks VR  to learn how to use the creator orbs.

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