The Decagear 1 !

Le Decagear 1 !

🎥👀 Announced a fortnight ago by the “Megadodo Games” company, the DECAGEAR 1 virtual reality headset seems too good to be true!

It would offer the latest VR tracking technologies and would naturally restore the face’s expressions with to 2 cameras which will film our eyes and our mouth.

You could say, Like the HP Reverb G2 Omnicept. Yes, but here the price would be less than $500 unlike HP’s headset which be around $3000.

Megadodo is also announcing a series of affordable accessories like the DecaMove which, hung on your belt, would allow you to orient yourself in VR while freeing the eyes or the hands. Another interesting accessory, the DecaAir, which would allow, in addition to extending the autonomy of the headset, to wireless connect your headset and your PC.

Out of nowhere, the VR community remains skeptical. Megadodo Game just must keep its promises. Wait and see!

If you want to know more about real-time facial tracking by the DecaGear :

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