Gadgeteer: a VR puzzle game

GADGETEER is a virtual reality puzzle game based on physics. You build creative chain reaction machines to solve fun, intricate puzzles.🧩

Gadgeteer: Puzzles and chain reactions in VR

Gadgeteer is a physics-based Virtual Reality puzzle game. Indeed,  you can build chain reaction machines to solve fun, intricate puzzles🧩.  Your “creations” will use gadgets to launch, bump, twist, and turn—creating chain reactions that may even end up tearing apart the fabric of space-time.   You can use pliers to manipulate objects, a vacuum cleaner or a tool to duplicate objects.

A physics-based VR puzzle game

The Gadgeteers application is a VR puzzle based on the laws of physics. In fact, this means that when you place a ball at the top of a slope it goes down under the effect of gravity. A multitude of object combinations can be arranged to form chain reactions worthy of the Goonies movie for those who know. You also have ready-made chain reactions in the form of a puzzle and the objective is to solve the enigma based on the laws of physics. For children and adults who are passionate about stacking or improbable routes but have no room at home, this is a must-have game.

Gadgeteer Features

Mathematical, Chemical Physics, STEM, IT & Technology
11-12 years, 13-15 years, 16-18 years, Adult
French, English, Other
Oculus Quest, Oculus Rift, STEAM VR compatible headset, HTC compatible headset, Windows Mixed Reality compatible headset, PCVR, VivePort, PSVR
No time limit
Between $ 5 and $ 15

For teaching

👍 Gadgeteer: Pros

+ This is really a great app to use to teach physics.

+ Very useful for children who have difficulty concentrating.

+ This VR app is a form of active meditation that can be very interesting to use in class.

👎 Gadgeteer: Cons

– A small learning curve is necessary to play. The tutorial is a must. 

– Sounds effects and music is sometimes not perfectly balanced.

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