What is Victory XR?

Victory XR: we visit their campus in virtual reality:

Victory XR, what is a VR campus?

VictoryXR Campus aims to “brings Learning to Life!” 👩‍🎓🧑‍🎓.

You can access this virtual campus, using a virtual reality headset, a computer, a smartphone or a tablet.  Victory XR takes advantage of the collaborative platform “Engage”   to provide classrooms, 3D VR objects,  professional development, and a collaborative platform where student can learn together in the virtual environment. 

We have booked a campus tour and visited the anatomy class, took a tour in space and time and discover a new innovative way to teach and learn in VR. 

How to access to the Victory XR campus ?

Victory XR is hosted on the EngageVR platform. You have to install EngageVR on your favorite VR headset using the steam store, or by installing EngageVR directly from the Oculus store

Once EngageVR is installed, you can select a free XR tour and go to the event on the specified date and day. Alternatively, you can also make a request by email at [email protected] or on their website.

Victory XR Features

English, French, Mathematical, Chemical Physics, STEM, IT & Technology, History and geography, Spanish, Moral and Civic Education, Musical and Artistic Education
13-15 years, 16-18 years, Adult
Android smartphone / tablet, Apple smartphone / tablet, Oculus Quest, STEAM VR compatible headset, HTC compatible headset, Vive Focus Plus, PCVR, VivePort, Pico
Not applicable
see their Website

For teaching


+ Victory XR is impressive, there are science classes, art classes, you can travel back in time and see dinosaurs or visit Singapore today.

+ It offers learning units and content to help the students.

+ There are also solutions in augmented reality


– You need to understand how the EngageVR platform works.

– Only in English, even the visit, but it may evolve quickly.

– This environment is accessible via the EngageVR platform, and even if you can access it easily some learning experience may require a sufficiently powerful VR headset.

– The virtual environment of the institution reproduces a traditional American campus.  Perhaps, the virtual reality represents an opportunity to free student from the typical classrooms environment(?)

– Their website is not their greatest strength.