Ready Teacher One – Podcast: the Future of Technology & Education

Ready Teacher One is a podcast that talks about the future of education and technology. It is co-hosted by friends and former grad school classmates Ryan McLaughlin and Adam Mangana. The focus of the show is often on how XR, VR, and AR will shape learning in the years ahead, but the show also discusses other emerging technologies such as blockchain and machine learning and their potential roles in schools, homeschools, and universities.

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How did it begin? the origin of the "Ready Teacher One" Podcast.

Adam was an early believer in the power of Virtual Reality for education. In 2018, Adam showed Ryan the “I Am a Man” experience in an Oculus Rift headset. From that moment on, Ryan was also convinced that these new immersive technologies held the power to give every student the sort of experiential education that has never before been possible. 
The team began the Ready Teacher One podcast with the simple goal of helping educators to stay informed about the latest developments in these exciting technologies, as well as to help those working on the industry side hear from those who are on the front lines using the new tech in schools, classrooms, and other educational settings! 

How does the Podcast looks likes?

👉 Ryan and Adam had the chance to interview teachers, school district leaders, authors, founders, CEOs, inventors, programmers, and many others working at the frontlines of EdTech. They spoke and recorded many tremendous episodes with guests across the U.S. and around the world!

👉 Each episodes is about 30 minutes long and there are two seasons available for the moment. 

Many amazing influencers have been featured like Chris Madsen from Immersive VR Education, Melissa Oldrin, the Head of Global Education for Unity, a leading 3D development platform, Steve Grubbs, the CEO of VictoryXR,  Géraldine Perriguey the CEO of XR PEDAGOGY 😉 and so many more amazing people ! 

After two seasons, the Ready Teacher One’s interviewers are more convinced than ever that, as the show’s tagline suggests, “a better reality for learners awaits!” 

How to listen to the Ready Teacher One Podcast?

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