CoSpaces Edu: make AR and VR in your classroom

CoSpaces Edu eases the design of 3D environments that can then be “visited” in virtual reality or projected in augmented reality

CoSpaces Edu: your students's creation in AR or VR

CoSpaces Edu allows students to design their own immersive worlds with 3D content. Moreover, your students can then, animate their creation with code. This online software is a kind of Scratch, where your students will code the characters and objects they have created or dropped. 

Thus, you can then explore the created worlds in augmented reality or Virtual reality.

Using a  smartphone, a tablet and/or a MERGE-Cube you will scan your creation. Thanks to virtual reality, you will also be able to visit their or your world in 3D using a CardBoard type viewer.

CoSpaces Edu: amazing features already in the free version

Co Space Edu allows to change the setting, add characters, animals, objects, etc.. Although the selection is limited in the free version, there is still enough choice to have fun and get used to the way it works.

The app is available on three platforms: online, iOS and Android. 

  • The Basic version is free. Thus, It enables teacher to create their class,  connect up to 29 students, and then create 2 worlds. 
  • The Pro version offers additional features and 3D models. Prices start at $75 USD for 5 “seats”. One seat corresponds to 1 account, students and teacher combined.

CoSpaces Edu Features

English, French, Mathematical, Chemical Physics, STEM, IT & Technology, History and geography, Spanish, Moral and Civic Education, Musical and Artistic Education, Physical education and sport
6-7 years, 8-10 years, 11-12 years, 13-15 years, 16-18 years, Adult, All ages
French, English
Android smartphone / tablet, Apple smartphone / tablet, Cardboard or equivalent, Web browser
Not applicable
Freemium / In-App purchase, Subscription per month / Year

CoSpaces Edu for teaching

👍 CoSpaces Edu: pros

+ Teacher can manage their class, student by student.

+ You see the student intervenes in real time.

+ Multi-support, whether on a tablet or computer, with the possibility of integrating augmented reality.

+ Ideal for multidisciplinary project work.

👎 CoSpaces Edu: cons

– The free version is limited, and there are few features even though it is possible to do some projects with the free version.

-There is no support for coding experiments. 

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